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Hello, I’m Louisa Charlotte Manning, AKA ‘AuntieLou’.
Based in Bracknell, Berkshire and the supporting areas, I left a successful career in accounting to set up the company in 2008 and realise my lifelong dream to work with dogs.
Auntie Lou is founded on the belief that kindness, compassion and empathy are the keys to understanding our canine friends and my vision is to help you live in harmony with your dog.
My methods are modern, kind and effective and I never use dominance or force to achieve results. Unwanted behaviour can sometimes make life a misery for both dog and owner, but by ‘thinking dog’ and seeing things from their perspective, such behaviour can be modified successfully.
Last year, we sadly had to say goodbye to our beautiful dogs Molly and Mickey, both rescued collies. When they arrived with us they were both presented with their own behavioural issues, but with love, kindness and behavioural training Molly successfully became a working Search & Rescue dog and Mickey enjoyed his time with us through fun and training, loved his tennis ball and being a loved part of the family.
After a break of 7 blessed years nurturing and bringing up a young family (alongside our family run construction business Manning Building and Developments Ltd), I have now decided to completely throw myself back into what I am so passionate about....the canine world!
I am currently focusing on updating my knowledge with further education (working towards membership with the ABTC and APBC), webinars, reading; alongside training and working with our two lovely collies, our rescue girl Jessie (2) and our puppy Armin (10 weeks old).
Please follow my blog page https://auntielou.blogspot.com
Watch this space for updates and posts!
Kind Regards,
Louisa x


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